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Ample Funding Available for 2019

We declare, winter WILL end soon!

At least some time in the next two months 

The home buying season is upon us. Wisconsin Rural Development has the following funding available for home purchase and repair in Fiscal Year 2019. It’s hard to imagine that September 30th is less than 6 months away so let’s get a jump on home financing and use this money locally, before we lose it at the end of September.    

Home Purchase and/or Repair Loans – Very Low income – $3.7 million – Low income – $5.8 million

Home Repair Loans –1% interest – $481,000

Home Repair Grants – $81,000

“For Sale” signs are starting to pop up all around us! Sellers are eager to sell…homebuyers are itching to purchase…and our staff is ready to assist them with no down payment financing!