Notice of Partisan Primary Election & Sample Ballot Aug 9, 2022

Notice of Partisan Primary Election and Sample Ballots

August 9, 2022

Office of the Vilas County Clerk

To the voters of Vilas County:

Notice is hereby given of a partisan primary to be held in Vilas County on August 9, 2022, at

which the nominees for the offices named below shall be chosen. The names of the candidates

for each office, whose nominations have been certified to or filed in this office, are given under

the title of the office under the appropriate party, each in its proper column, together with the

questions submitted to a vote, if any, in the sample ballot below.

Information to Voters

Upon entering the polling place and before being permitted to vote, a voter shall:

  • state their name and address
  • show an acceptable form of photo identification*
  • sign the poll book**

*If a voter does not have acceptable photo identification, the voter may obtain a free photo ID for

voting from the Division of Motor Vehicles.

**If the voter is unable to sign the poll book due to disability, a poll worker may write the word


If a voter is not registered to vote, they may register to vote at the polling place serving their

residence if the voter provides proof of residence.

Where ballots are distributed to voters, the initials of two inspectors must appear on the ballot.

Upon being permitted to vote, the voter shall enter a voting booth or go to a machine and cast

their ballot. The vote should not be cast in any manner other than specified here. Sample

ballots or other materials to assist the voter in marking their ballot may be taken into the booth

and copied. The sample ballot shall not be shown to anyone so as to reveal how the ballot is


A voter who is a parent or guardian may be accompanied by the voter’s minor child or minor


An election official may inform the voter of the proper manner for casting a vote but the official

may not advise or indicate a particular voting choice.

Assistance for Voting

A voter may select an individual to assist in casting their vote if the voter declares to the presiding

official that they are unable to read, have difficulty reading, writing, or understanding English, or that

due to disability are unable to cast their ballot. The selected individual rendering assistance may not be

the voter’s employer or an agent of that employer or an officer or agent of a labor organization which

represents the voter. If a voter is unable to state their name and address, an assistant may also do so

for the voter.

At the partisan primary, the voter shall select the party of their choice. Voting for candidates of more than one party may invalidate the ballot. The voter must cast a vote for individual


Where Optical Scan Voting is used

  • If a party preference is designated, and votes are cast for ballot candidates of another

party or write-in votes are cast in another party, only votes cast in the designated party

will count.

  • If a party preference is not designated, and votes are cast for candidates (or write-in

votes are cast) in more than one party, no votes will be counted

Within the party of their choice, the voter shall fill in the oval or connect the arrow next to the name

of the candidate of their choice for each office for which they intend to vote. To vote for a person

whose name does not appear on the ballot, the voter shall write in the name of the person of their

choice in the space provided for a write-in vote and fill in the oval or connect the arrow next to the

write-in line.

Spoiled Ballots

If a voter spoils an optical scan ballot, they shall return it to an election official who shall issue another

ballot in its place, but not more than three ballots shall be issued to any one voter. If the ballot has

not been initialed by two inspectors or is defective in any other way, the voter shall return it to the

election official, who shall issue a proper ballot in its place.

After Voting the Ballot

After an official optical scan ballot is marked, it may be inserted in the security sleeve, so the

marks do not show. The voter shall then insert the ballot in the voting device and discard the

sleeve or deliver the ballot to an inspector for deposit. If a central count system is used, the

voter shall insert the ballot in the ballot box and discard the sleeve or deliver the ballot to an

inspector for deposit. The voter shall leave the polling place promptly.

The following is a sample of the official ballot: (See Partisan Primary Election Ballot Sample). All

ballot samples specific to each municipality are posted at in their entirety.

s/ Kimberly A. Olkowski, Vilas County Clerk